Emergency Information

Parents,With winter weather approaching it's a good time to make sure you are signed up for our emergency texts. Get the latest information on school safety, emergencies, early dismissals, etc. If you have not already signed-up for the Remind App, use the simple instructions below to sign-up for your area: Andrew Jackson area schoolsText 81010Text this message @ajemer Buford area schoolsText 81010Text this message @bufordsch Indian Land area schoolsText 81010Text this message @7gge22 Lancaster area schoolsText 81010Text this message @4gfgba Thanks,Bryan VaughnDirector of Safety and
LCSD Emergency PlanParents Please Be Aware of Our Plans in Case of an Emergency
Our department has plans in place of how we would communicate with you in an emergency. We also have a system in place for reunification if there was an emergency at your child’s school and the students required emergency release.
We have processes in place to reunite you with your child at school and plans in place in case we need to move our students to alternative locations where you would pick them up.
This is what our department wants you know:
1. If an emergency occurs such as a violent act or natural disaster we would use every emergency communication we have to make you aware. The Remind text alerts, and Blackboard Connect. We also would use conventional media and social media. But the Remind Texts will have the quickest and most frequent updates so I encourage everyone to sign up for them.
2. We would give you the most updated information we have about the situation and inform you how, where and when you can reunite with your child.
3. You would be directed to a specific site where the students are being held in a secured location. Parents will be required to follow our system to take your child.
4. There will be a reception area to greet parents and parents will be presented with a form. Parents will be required to complete a form and present positive Identification before any child can be released.
5. A runner will then take the completed form to the area your child is being held in and retrieve your child.
6. Your child will then be turned over to you after a second positive identification check is done.
This process will not be quick nor convenient. This process is meant to protect and account for our students.
7. Be aware that if we had a natural disaster or violent event we will not place students on buses and just drive them home and drop them off. Every child must be accounted for and reunited with a parent. Again, this would be a long and tedious process but our kids' mental and physical welfare is what is most important.
In my 25 years being in charge of School Safety we have never been required to use this process. But we have developed the plan in case we need it. My department’s job is to be prepared for emergencies and you need to have confidence we are prepared.
Thanks for reading this important information and I hope we never use it. Call me with questions or concerns. Communication is our best tool in any emergency.
Bryan Vaughn803-285-6009