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Parents and Staff:

We would like to bring everyone's attention to sign-up for the Remind emergency texts we use to distribute our emergency information about your area schools. This will allow us another emergency communication tool if we have a need to evacuate our buildings, have a natural disaster or a criminal act on or around school grounds that threatens the welfare of our students and staff. We are also able to send texts for inclement weather, school emergencies, school closings and early dismissals.

If you have not already signed-up to receive the Remind text, use the simple instructions below to sign-up for your area. To sign-up is voluntary. Your numbers are not shared with us as a safety precaution for your privacy.

Andrew Jackson area schools

Text 81010

Text this message @ajemer

Buford area schools

Text 81010

Text this message @bufordsch

Indian Land area schools

Text 81010

Text this message @7gge22

Lancaster area schools

Text 81010

Text this message @4gfgba


Bryan Vaughn

Director of Safety and Transportation

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