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BSE End of Year Awards Assemblies

Kindergarten-Tues. 5/28 at 9:30 (cafeteria)

1st Grade-Mon. 5/27 at 1:00 (cafeteria)

2nd Grade-Tues. 5/28 at 1:00 (cafeteria)

3rd Grade-Mon. 5/27 at 9:30 (cafeteria)

4th Grade-Wed. 5/29 at 1:00 (cafeteria)

5th Grade-Wed. 5/29 at 9:30 (South Middle)

Student Banner Projects

Spotlight on Students

Register February 26th for next year’s 4-year-old students, kindergarteners & new first graders

– Visit this link for details:

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BSE Response Procedure

It is the standard procedure of the Brooklyn Springs Elementary School to respond to parents' questions or suggestions within 24 hours either in writing or with a phone call from the appropriate staff member. If 24 hours have passed, you may contact the principal directly at 803-283-8471.

Beth Blum, Principal

(Photo: School mascot Beaver)

BSE Title I Plan

The Brooklyn Springs Title I Plan is available for review in the front office.

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